We're Chalk in Rain. 

We are the developers behind Hullcrackers.

We are flexible, open minded and curious about games as both players and producers.

We believe that everyone has an equal right to be included in games.

Playing the game is only half the fun.

Gerard Delaney - Human native of Melbourne town.

  • I’m responsible for code and game design within Chalk in Rain.

  • I'm versed in marine biology, cinema and programming. I make games because those fields could have led me nowhere else.

  • I believe play is universal to human experience and that games allow us to explore play more deeply.

Emre Deniz - Gerard took my joke.

  • I draw game developer experience from a painfully long career as a nightclub doorman.

  • I play games like they are books, drink only whiskey, also enjoys media theory.

  • I'm responsible for art and concept design within Chalk in Rain. 

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