The great Golden Age of Space is over, you were born too late to partake in the adventures of the frontier, too late to matter in the great struggle of humanity. Instead you were born to claim your place among the trillions of blue-collar workers spread out across the stars.

You are a Hullcracker, you repair ships for a living and try not to leave a stain.

The Game

Hullcrackers is a side-scrolling adventure game based on the premise that objects in the environment are interactive because there should repercussions for a player's own creativity and hubris.

Death is central to Hullcrackers and will likely be as a result of malfunctioning equipment or negligence rather than missiles or aliens. Your triumph is in inspecting and repairing before invoicing your clients. 


That is, until you decide to start Hullcracking instead of repairing.


Hullcrackers is a game about the temptation and taking the risk of mattering in a universe that might not notice.


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